Posted by: das Mopf | September 7, 2008

Right now.

Right now I’m sad about all the people I have to leave behind.
Right now I’m anxious about all the things that can go wrong.
Right now I’m afraid the kids might not like me.
Right now I’m scared of anything terrible that could happen to the kids or to me.
Right now I’m kind of Teresa-sick, meaning I already miss her like hell though I’m not even gone.
Right now I’m wishing I hadn’t decided to go that far away.

Right now I’m curious what the family really is like.
Right now I’m wondering what will happen the next eight months.
Right now I’m looking forward to a bunch of new experiences.
Right now I’m happy about all the opportunities for amazing photos.
Right now I’m excited to discover new cities, new people and a whole new culture.
Right now I’m fed with emotions and not able to decide which one to prefer.

Daniel, thanks for the CD, it’s absolutely awwwwwwesome, exactly my taste of music!


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