Posted by: das Mopf | November 13, 2008


Luxus. Als ich in der vierten Klasse war, hatte ich eine Phase, in der ich nur Zwieback mit in die Schule genommen hab, und wie man als Kind so ist, hab ich den mal zuhause vergessen. In der ersten kleinen Pause, wir hatten den Unterricht ein bisschen überzogen, klopfte es dann an der Klassenzimmertür, und mein kleines Brüderchen stand ganz schüchtern da: “Ich soll meiner Schwestern den Zwieback bringen…”

Luxury. When I was in grade four, I had a phase where I’d only take zwieback rusk to school, and, being a child, I forgot it one day. In the first small break, we had overrun a little, someone knocked at the door and in came my little brother, quite timid: “I just wanted to give my sister her zwieback…”



  1. it’s called “rusk” in english. 🙂

  2. Well, I looked it up and it said “rusk” as well as “zwieback”, but since you’re more the natural speaker than I am, I changed it 🙂

  3. In the US, “zwieback” is used. Come to think of it, today was the first time I’ve seen “rusk”. I ate mine with Marmite. It’s an acquired taste, for sure…a British colonial thing.

  4. Thanks. Now I’m confused.

  5. well, we, in the south of england, call it rusk, & i have to admit, my daughter does eat it with marmite. i can’t. 😀 i do like marmite,though. but not on -zwieback- 😀
    then again, emily eats a lot of weird things. 😀

  6. You should’ve seen Basti a few years ago. Bread or apple with tomato sauce. Who would?!

  7. Ahem, I’m in the same group as Emily. It’s not that wierd. Ok, maybe it is: smelly, yeast extract on a rough, dry piece of toast. 🙂

  8. i like twiglets. they taste of amrmite,my husband tells me.
    I doubt that. 😀
    Does anyone know them?
    Also, cheese footballs are back, emily adored them last christmas! high five for cheese footballs! *high five*

  9. […] 18, 2008 von Franzi Cheesy. Speaking of cheese, I really miss mozzarella and feta cheese, though they do have both here. Mozzarella […]

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