Posted by: das Mopf | November 26, 2008

Thanks once more.

Speaking of being called “Mopf”… Thanks to the other person who also calls me “Mopf” for being so totally wonderful ever since we met. You really, really helped me a lot and you always make me laugh – even when I’m stuck in an expensive taxi back home from a date that ended at Foodtown in Takapuna. I’m so much looking forward for May!

(Maybe Hanna shouldn’t read this after all. I’d get an earful or two from her. Then again, I will anyway.)



  1. Stop making me laugh, now I feel guilty. šŸ™‚ The “date that ended at Foodtown in Takapuna” is hilarious and needs to be the title to a blog entry.

  2. Oh dear šŸ™‚ Why should you feel guilty? You’re probably not the only one to laugh about that episode. After all, I had a very nice day afterwards, starting right in the taxi.

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