Posted by: das Mopf | December 29, 2008

“Where did you learn such good German?”

“Where did you learn such good German?”Wo haben Sie denn so gut Deutsch gelernt?, wurde ich heute im Krankenhaus in meiner Rolle als Übersetzerin für Hanna und Manuela gefragt. “Hm. Das ist meine Muttersprache?” Normalerweise fragen die Leute ja immer, wo ich Englisch gelernt hab – insofern also eine echte Verbesserung.

“Where did you learn such good German?” one of the doctors asked when I, once more, translated for Hanna and Manuela. “Hm. Could be because I’m a native speaker?” Usually people ask me about my English – so this is a real improvement.



  1. does this mean that you have the awesome Kiwi accent?

  2. No, I don’t. Actually, I don’t have any accent at all, it’s still the harsh german accentuation, even though people already called it an accent. I’d rather have a british accent, really.

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