Posted by: das Mopf | January 12, 2009

The mango is fort!

Our daily language is peppered with afrikaans words. We tie Megan’s hair into a ponytail with the help of a reiki (hairtie), use a lappi to wipe spilled coke and send the kids to bed when it’s dudu-time.
Today Ryan (who has an eina on his hip) impressed me with a new word that sounded quite familiar: fort. I was just about to ask him where he learned a german word like that, when Paul told me it’s afrikaans for “rotten”; and of course, we’ll buy fresh mangos first thing tomorrow morning.



  1. also ich dacht immer, afrikaans wär ca. das gleiche wie holländisch. jedenfalls klingt es genauso.

  2. It’s a mixture of dutch, german and french, so you’re right 🙂 And people sometimes ask me if I understand any afrikaans, but actually it’s easier if it’s written down.

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