Posted by: das Mopf | January 13, 2009

If it was july now…

… Frauke and I would be going to Italy. Detmold to Vienna to Sorrento and back again, that’s about 4000km.

We’ll start in Detmold, then go down to Regensburg in one day and stay there overnight. The next day we’ll arrive in Vienna and stay there for a week to see all the things we want to see and do. The next stop is Graz, then to Venezia and Bologna. Roma will be a longer stop as well, and then we’ll speed off to our final destination: Sorrento and the Vesuv.

4000km will probably double as we will get lost, change plans and find a lot of things to see, but it’s going to be so great.

The only thing we need now is money. So today the big saving will start, and in June I will probabyl apply for a short-term job somewhere.



  1. Seriously, why don’t you write about your travels? Your blog entries have gotten better and better! You have a great way of mixing humor, observation, and intensity….It’s just really cool. I think a book about your travels would be wonderful. You already have one person who will buy it!

  2. Kapila,
    if you find someone to publish that book, I’d start writing it today, honestly.

    (I could even take the photos myself, that would be wonderful 🙂 – The only problem is that there are so many books about traveling, I wouldn’t probably be able to make a lot of money…)

  3. Here’s a start :

    Who cares if there are so many travel books? There isn’t one with your unique perspective. 🙂

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