Posted by: das Mopf | January 21, 2009


My personal favourite time of a (sunny, not-too-cloudy) day is sunset. We are lucky enough to have a big balcony that faces west, and when my hostparents are home and the kids are entertaining themselves, I can spend about half an hour with some hot drink on the deck, watching the sun setting.
I really love the light at that time. It’s different to the light in Germany, maybe due to the thinned to non-existing ozon layer, and everything seems brighter and more colourfull. The little blond hairs on my arm get a pale, golden accent, and even my usually brown-reddish hair glows in a wonderful, dark-red way. You wouldn’t see a sunset like that anywhere in Europe. When I watched a Jamie Cullum concert on dvd (thanks again, Antonia!), I would’ve guessed it had taken place somewhere near New Zealand, if I hadn’t already known it was in Blenheim, which is located on top of the South Island; all just because of the sunset in the background.

Other than that, I caught an RSI from taking photos (Repetitive Strain Injury or Sehnenscheidenentz√ľndung, just in case some german guy reads this). It’s really annoying and somewhat irritating, because usually, when your wrist hurts, you can bend it to one side, then to the other and everything’s just fine; also, it would be easier to keep it calm as the doctor said, if I hadn’t two hyperactive monsters running around me all day. Well. That’s what I get the drugs for, I suppose.


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