Posted by: das Mopf | February 5, 2009


For all of those who’re not in the picture yet, I sold Lotta to travel around with Steffi in Trish. (Cars do have to have names, how else could you possible cheer and support them?)
Steffi’s idea of travelling around is different to mine as we now will spend our nights on tent sites and in hostels instead of the back of a van, but it will be fun nevertheless. I’ve been hoping on being on my own, because sometimes I find it somewhat hard to cooperate with other people and I then get annoyed pretty quickly, but I will definitely take that challenge and learn from it – maybe even go out in the evening.

Other than that, I’m not sure in which language to write. It should be english, because that’s the language I want to get better at (that’s why I’m here, partly), but writing in german has the advantages of figures of speech and familiarity. Translating would be horrible, especially when it comes to longer entries, so I’ll just write in whichever language occurs the best to me at the precise moment of writing.



  1. I really love your English! Honestly! I believe it’s so much better than mine ever was in NZ… =)

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