Posted by: das Mopf | February 6, 2009

Facts about the Kiwi-Franzi

1. She thinks sheep are the better kiwis.
Honestly. Kiwis are just ugly. They look like a weird mixture of a stork (beak and feet), a weasle (body) and a rat (head). Making this bird the national animal of New Zealand definitely shows the lack of alternatives. I’d rather have voted for a sheep. Guess the reasons are obvious.



  1. No quite true in my opinion, sheep aren’t individual and shy. And that’s what Kiwis – at least think – they are. And they aren’t that hideous. They are cute. 😉

  2. Okay, they’re not ugly, but still, sheep are cuter.
    You can feed them, you can cuddle them and you can actually see them – I haven’t seen a single kiwi since I’m here, but plenty of sheep.

    (Though I have to admit that I’m a bit dissatisfied with the amount of sheep here in Auckland – I’ve only seen them at the one-tree-hill, and there are far too many cows all around Auckland).

  3. True, I think Mt Eden has now cows as well. But in the south you’ll see a lot of sheep.

  4. I love Kiwis…the people, the fruit, and, especially, the bird. My favorite are the Stewart Island Kiwi. They’re cute, like little rabbits. Sheep bite you in the bum when you’re not looking = not cute.

  5. Kapila, never complain again about me making you laugh. 😀 I’m still chuckling about the bum-thing.

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