Posted by: das Mopf | February 8, 2009

Lanterns, Lanterns and… Leberkäs.

The annual Auckland Lantern Festiavl marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Though I don’t know precisely after which Albert the Albert Park was named, I wonder whether or not he had imagined something like this taking place here. It’s, of course, not only chinese people over here, not only asian or new zealandian people, but even german people. Those seem to be literally everywhere. For one moment, I was so confused by all those nationalities that I’d have answered any question in latin or french rather than english. White people, red, yellow, black people, even a tibetian monk was at one of the food stalls on Prince Street. And, Hanna, though you’d never have thought this, I’ve even seen a fat chinese person and a slim Maori (well, comparatively).
The sun has almost set, maybe another thirty minutes and we can fully appreciate the lanterns. There’s so many lanterns everywhere, animal-shaped, face-shaped, skyline-shaped, even watermelons and teapots! Little kids are also enjoying the event, running around with small paper or electric lanterns, jumping on and off the two huge canons, eating ice-cream and candy-floss and having a ride on the merry-go-round. There are cameras whereever you look, and not only the small compact cameras, but also the big SLRs… *sigh*
Well, it’s a good thing I’ve come here, even if I ate too much. (There where about 100 food stalls on Prince Street, so of course there was something for me, even though I’m pretty sure that there was meat in my vegetarian noodles, something that resembled Leberkäs. Ugh.) It definitely was worth the experience.


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