Posted by: das Mopf | February 16, 2009


What do you do if you have some seriously important things to do, say, for example, packing for holidays or practising clarinet?

a) You get going straight away.
b) You write a to-do-list.
c) You start working on you tasks of the to-do-list.
d) You open a facebook-account for your stuffed sheep.
e) You rewrite the to-do-list.
f) You go babysitting.
g) You do your laundry, even though it’s not on the to-do-list.
h) You try to find new blogs that are worth reading.
i) You call your parents because you haven’t heard from them in a week.
j) You tell your friends about how hard it’s for you, what with all the stuff you have to do.
k) You dye your hair.
l) You buy new headphones for you mp3-player.
m) You reread one of those really good books.
n) You bring the book back to the libray.
o) You clean up your room.
p) You think of something you can do with all the shells you found at the beach.
q) You try to open your mobile so you can change sim-cards (something you should’ve done about six months ago).
r) You make plans with a friend for the weekend.
s) You sort and resort your photos/music sheets.
t) You fix your broken jandals/jacket.
u) You rewatch the Jamie-Cullum-dvd, something you’ve planned on doing for the last four weeks.
v) You write comments and wall-entries on facebook.
w) You spend more time with the kids since you’ll only see them two more weeks.
x) You start planning the route for a trip though it’s entirely useless because it’s going to change every day anyway.
y) You try to find out how many Esquires coffeeshops have free wi-fi.
z) You write a shopping list.
ä) You transfer all your ideas from the moleskin-book to your laptop.
ö) You involve yourself with a very, very important conversation.
ü) You even bring out the trash.



  1. You have mastered the Art of Procrastination. Welcome to a very elite club. I have been a member since 1986.

  2. Wow, thank you! Do I get a membership card? Will I get special treatment somewhere? Free muffin with every hot beverage and stuff?

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