Posted by: das Mopf | February 21, 2009

Officially pissed.

So it’s official now – I am too nice.

Some weeks ago, Melanie asked me if I wanted to go to the Starlight Symphony with her, and, being the fan of classical music I am, I told her yes. I also asked Katja and Thomas, because this would be a nice opportunity to meet them and offered to pick them up.

I had to take the kiddy seat out of the car, because Melanie said she’d bring a friend and so, with Katja and Thomas, we’d be five people. But, when I was in town with Melanie and her friend, it turned out they didn’t want to go to the Symphony at all, but rather get drunk at her house. And, being a nice person, not only did I drive them to the liquor store, but I also drove them to Melanie’s place (a 20 minute drive for one way) and then headed back downtown.

The only question is: Why did I do that? And the only answer I can come up with is: Because I am too nice.

But luckily, once I was in Herne Bay to pick up Thomas and Katja, the evening started to be quite enjoyable, because they both are very nice (I don’t just say it because they both read the blog; Katja provided me with lots of stuff they won’t need anymore, such as two camping chairs, books, a camping mat and about heaps of other stuff I still have in the car) and even though I missed Wölf Chen’s act, it was a pretty good show, especially since the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra mostly played classical music, culminating in the “1812”-ouverture by Tchaikovsky with a lasershow, fireworks and real cannon shots. Wow.


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