Posted by: das Mopf | March 6, 2009

757 steps to the sun

Something I’ve always wanted to do when thinking of travelling through New Zealand was to see the world’s first sunrise. Steffi initially wanted to cut off the East Cape, but then, for some reaon, changed her mind, so we made a five hours drive from Tauranga to Te Araoa, where we slept in the car (again). The toilet next to „our“ parking lot was vandalized in the middle of the night, so when we got up at 4am, we quickly made our way to the cape (if you can call a one-hour-drive on a gravel road „quickly“), just to find out we had to walk up quite a way to the „lighthouse most eastern in the world“ (or so says our map) – a way mostly consisting of steps. I had to carry the bottle of sparkling wine, so one can imagine how exhausted I was. But we were rewarded with a rainy, yet beautiful sunrise. Photos weren’t so easy to take, especially because it’s quite hard to stand still for eight solid seconds if you’re not a vampire (I bought „Breaking Dawn“ from the Twilight saga for Steffi, that’s why), but the view was
amazing. We enjoyed our wine from paper cups (God bless all those gas stations that provide free hot water and cups!) and some pancakes for breakfast, and then, at about seven, we made our way back to the car. This time, I counted the steps and came off at 757, though it could be a bit more or less, but since Steffi refused to count as well, I don’t have a backup. We did quite a good job, and I guess I’m on step closer to surviving the Tongariro crossing in april.



  1. Got up at 4 am!!! And was it worth it? I mean, does it look different than anywhere else? (except for the efforts u had to see it 😉 )

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