Posted by: das Mopf | March 7, 2009

Tough times don’t last…

… but tough people do.
The next night was to be spend in Taupo, a city named after NZ’s biggest pristine water lake. We parked the car next to a „SuperLoo“ (of which I forgot to take photos and which was closed during the night) with some other campers. A much better feeling than last night! We woke up by some guy sound-checking a microphone: „Test, one, two“, and went back to sleep. When we finally got up, there were about a thousand people near the parking lot (a rough estimation), cheering and shouting at about fivehundred guys cycling along the street. Of all days we could have come to Taupo, we picked the one when the „Ironman“ contest was hosted. Those (brave? stupid?) men -and women!- had to cycle 180km, run 42,2km and swim 3,8km – quite a way to go. After breakfast, we went to give the city a closer look, and then spent half the afternoon in the library. Steffi found some cds (Arctic Monkeys, the BeeGees and the soundtrack of „Bridget Jones II“ – Antonia, did you know that Jamie Cullum’s version of
„Everlasting Love“ is on it?), and I could stock up my collection of Tchaikovsky with a recording of the „Nutcracker“ and his sixth symphony. On our way back to the car, the sportsmen had switched from cycling to running. We followed them quite a bit, because they were running along the SH3, which actually was our way to Palmerston North, and the most amazing things to see were the signs that friends and family members had put up to cheer and support their men. They ranged from „Just another training!“ over „Guiness at finish, dad!“ to „Tough times
don’t last, but tough people do“, but our favourite was a german sign saying: „Quäl Dich!“ (= „Suffer!“) The tough-times sign actually describes our journey pretty well, because it’s not always easy*, but we’ve already learned quite a lot – for example that neither three days without a shower nor four night in the car will kill us, that we can survive on a basis of toast and coffee for at least three days, that cereals and instant soup can be real life-savers and that gas stations provide hot water for free so we only have to buy instant coffee.

* Before coming to Taupo, we met Melanie in Rotorua and she asked if we had already eaten something.
– Well, sure! Toast, and coffee, aaand… More toast… And apples and bananas… And we had pancakes for breakfast! And chocolate… And…
-Yeah, but did you eat something proper?
-You mean like something warm?



  1. mensch, du hast ja schon die essgewohnheiten eines studenten, sehr gut gemacht 🙂

  2. nice blog dude!

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