Posted by: das Mopf | May 10, 2009

Amazing Ryan.

There is this absolutely adorable story I love to tell when it comes to Ryan.
One summer’s night, when it was really, really hot, I opened his window to let the room cool down a little. At one point he heard his father’s voice outside, so he started talking in his baby-nonsense-speak, which I wouldn’t allow, because it was almost 10pm.
Me: „Ryan, sleep now.“
Him: „I am sleeping.“
Me: „No, you’re not sleeping, you’re talking.“
Him: „I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to daddy!“

He also has me knowing where my place in his family is. Picking him up from pre-school, I strapped him in his kiddy seat and then just cleaned up a bit of mess in the car. Promptly, the little man demanded: „You drive! Now!“


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