Posted by: das Mopf | July 5, 2009

Looking back

I want to go back. I want to revive every single station of the journey, all the good and not so good days, I want to see Steffi again, Trish, Felix, Samuel, Karen, Robert, Myriam, Tobi. There’s a song by the Wise Guys called „We had a good time“ – I just heard it the other day and almost started crying, because it so reminded me of NZ and my time down there. I know the trip is something I will always sherish and remember, I wouldn’t want to have missed a single second of it, not even the ones when I suffered from stomach aches and couldn’t sleep at nights. Even that was wonderful, in it’s very own way. The time was simply perfect. Travelling around with Steffi was the best that could have happened to me.

And when thinking back I remember so many things I haven’t written down, like the evening in Westport before we met Felix and Samuel, when some not-quite-so-sober men accidentally took first our frying pan and then our bread, and rewarded us with a dollar and a bit of their jam. Or how comfy it felt to share a camp site with Felix, Samuel and Myriam in Milford Sounds. Or how Steffi gave me the „LotR Tour Guide“ during a very stormy lunch in Invercargill.

Looking back, the NZ-trip seems to be like one giant dream I only gradually wake up from… And like a dream, memories fade away. I’m just so grateful for my camera and the notebook, because this way I can kind of look everything up.


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